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Harvard Business School: Learning the Future of Business

Harvard Business School: Learning the Future of Business

When it comes to business schools, Harvard Business School always emerges as one of the top choices for many aspiring businessmen and entrepreneurs.  This is the school that is famous throughout the world and is also one of the most respected.  It has produced many of the past and present leaders in business and government.  Harvard Business School is in fact the choice of the best students in the world and continues to be a beacon in quality business education.

Harvard Business School is also known as the George F. Baker Foundation and is sometimes referred to as HBS.  Although it is known as an institution on its own, Harvard Business School is actually one of Harvard University’s graduate schools.  It was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1908, with only 59 students.  Two decades later, 500 students had enrolled.

In 1927, the business school was relocated to Alston, an area that is located on the opposite side of the Charles River from the University.  Although pioneering in its curriculum offerings, it took Harvard Business School four more decades to begin admitting women to its business program.  Today, women form 30-35% of the students currently enrolled in business programs at Harvard.

Harvard Business School programs

Harvard Business School offers several programs for would-be business leaders.  These include:

MBA Program

The MBA program offered by HBS is a full-time, two-year program.  The first year is spent completing the required curriculum consisting of mandatory courses.  There are two semesters per curriculum, with each semester spent focused on specific topics.  On the second year, the student can choose among the subjects offered in the elective curriculum.  There are about 96 courses offered as electives and students can prioritize a course depending on their preferences and the availability of the classes.  As an alternative, students can choose to finish certain field studies instead of attending class.

Best Counselling GMAT in Mumbai

The GMAT exam consists of four main parts, the Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, the Quantitative section, and the Verbal section. The AWA consists of an argument based essay and Integrated Reasoning section tests the students’ ability to assimilate information from various graphs and data. Quantitative Section of the GMAT contains 37 multiple-choice questions of two types—Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. Students are allowed a maximum of 75 minutes to complete the entire section.

Given the number of topics in math and the focus on grammar and Reading long passages, the students have to prepare systematically, topic by topic and also do timed practice. Hence SAT warrants a sustained preparation and a sincere practice. At Clear Perceptions, we focus not only on the concepts but also on sectional tests and a series of 8 full length papers to fine-tune the children for the SAT. This is a must, as the papers are very long and the test series helps them get used to that level of physical and mental stress.

SAT Classes in Mumbai


The new SAT test is for a total of 1600 marks- 2 sections of math for 800 marks, 1 section of Evidence-based Reading and 1 section of Writing (grammar based), together for 800 marks. As against the old Sat math, the math in the new Sat is relatively denser and focuses on many areas in heart of Algebra such as Functions and transformations, topics which were not there in the earlier SAT. However, the good news is that the students need not work on tedious vocabulary. The negative marking for wrong answers has also been removed. So, the students can attempt all the questions without any apprehension, whether they are sure about the answer or not!
The SAT exams happen six times a year for the Indian students. The SAT scores are valid for two years. While the Old SAT permitted Calculators for the entire math sections, the new Sat restricts the usage of calculators for one section and allows for the second Math section. Between February and April, no SAT tests are conducted in India.


Harvard Business School consists of a highly diverse student population, with students coming from many countries and background.  It has some of the world’s most selective admissions procedures. A student must also pass the GMAT exam and complete required tests and documents.  Foreign students may also be required to pass IELTS or TOEFL tests.


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